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QuartiersNETZ - BMBF is funding the Ruhr area as a Health and Service Region of tomorrow

With their project "QuartiersNETZ" (Quarters Network) the consortium consisting of FH Dortmund, the City of Gelsenkirchen, the Institute of Gerontology at the University of Vechta, the Caritas association Gelsenkirchen, the Research Institute Geragogik e.V. in Witten, the Senior Network Gelsenkirchen eV and five IT business partners successfully bid for a development project of the Federal Government for the management of demographic change.


Through targeted cooperation in regional networks as well as through the development of digital networks over a period of four years the quality of life of people in the living quarters are improved until old age.


Reference region for the region "Ruhrgebiet" and applicant is the City of Gelsenkirchen, which has adopted an elderly master plan back in 2005, and thus plays a leading role in the aging policy. The project will be headed by Prof. Dr. Sabine Sachweh from the Department of Computer Science. The university is represented interdisciplinary with respect to the content. The colleagues Prof. Dr. Harald Rüssler and Prof. Dr. Dietmar Köster and their teams from the Department of Applied Social Sciences are working in this project closely with the team from the Department of Computer Science.


A particular feature of the "QuartiersNETZ" project is that older people themselves actively participate and let their abilities and interests incorporate for the benefit of all. As part of the project the older become (co-) producer and form their environment as experts for their own cause for a self-determined, participatory life in the quarters. These include the construction and testing of network structures for sustainable supply and service models. Real quarter networks are thereby supported by the participatory development of a digital Quarter-Platform and technical innovations.


Interested elderly are, among others, to be qualified as a technique guides, so that they can help with words and deeds. The aim is to link the social environment of the quarter-residents across generations and with regional service providers, to use modern interaction-/communication media and technical assistance systems  to achieve this and thus to support self-determination and participation of older people in residential quarters.


The Federal Ministry of Education and Research had initiated this competition in September 2012. In a multistage process started off with 78 project proposals, a multidisciplinary jury chose the 12 best ideas for healthcare and service regions. These twelve regions were initially given 50,000 Euro to develop their concepts in detail, to make contacts with potential partners and to expand their regional networks. From these twelve concepts, the jury selected the five most compelling concepts. The BMBF will provide the winning regions for four years a total of 20 million Euro for the implementation of their research and development projects. The regions also guarantee a 25 percent co-financing of projects from their own resources.


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